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What is Safe Kids Kingsland? A grass-roots coalition of Safe Kids Georgia and Safe Kids Worldwide,  Safe Kids Kingsland will work with hospitals, civic groups, businesses,  schools, and citizens to develop and institute programs dedicated to  reducing the incidence of unintentional childhood injury in children ages 0-  14.   The Kingsland Fire Rescue and other organizations are partnering together  to start this coalition and keep our community’s kids safe!   
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Safe Kids Kingsland Partners & Sponsors The work of Safe Kids Worldwide is made  possible through the support of a wide  range of funders. Corporations,  individuals, governments and other  nonprofit organizations provide us with  vital financial resources and partnerships  that allow Safe Kids Worldwide to work to protect children. Corporations choose to sponsor our work for many reasons.  Some contribute to give back to the communities where they  operate, while others do so as part of global safety campaigns.  While every sponsorship contributes to the effectiveness of  Safe Kids’ efforts, the following support our initiatives  globally:
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A wide variety of partners support Safe Kids USA  through corporate sponsorships. Safe Kids is a good  investment, with over 84% of funds raised going directly  to programs that help save the lives of children.                  Click HERE for your application.